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December 27, 2006

So my creative New Year’s resolution to work out more may very well be aided by the introduction of the Nintendo Wii. I am completely taken by it. After playing a few game Christmas day with the Swagarts I have been converted back to my game system days. Not only am I sore I actually […]

Progress is at a crawl…

December 21, 2006

formatting has been moving slow on this place….work has found out that I quasi understand HTML and as such now gives me assignments to tinker with things much like I do here except FAR more frustrating…especially with ticketstoday timeouts. Kill me. Anyhoo still at it and dont worry these posts will get better. Just updates […]

Agent 0

December 21, 2006

My new Gil Zeros arrived today well before expected! HOT HOT HOT. I can’t wait to hit the courts show off my new J. My stroke is about to be WET. Hahaha no but really these shoes are hot. Merry Christmas to me!

Dare A La Luce!

December 19, 2006

“The Italian phrase for birth is ‘dare a la luce,’ literally give to the light” (Name that movie Ginger savants) And so it is born! Welcome! If you’re here for this post then buckle up! The ride is about to get underway. You’ve signed on to explore a little piece of my mind. Enjoy.