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Progress is at a crawl…

formatting has been moving slow on this place….work has found out that I quasi understand HTML and as such now gives me assignments to tinker with things much like I do here except FAR more frustrating…especially with ticketstoday timeouts. Kill me. Anyhoo still at it and dont worry these posts will get better. Just updates for now kiddies…

said my last farewell to Lucille today…after having her parked in the Enterprise parking lot for weeks I figured it was time. I sat in the drivers seat holding the wheel taking in that good ole Lucille smell. A distinctive smell. I will miss her. She was my first car and she did me proud. Even down to her last days she kept on plugging. She gave me freedom and for that I am thankful. Goodbye Lucille…

(ok not really Lucille but I dont have any pictures of her…this is close enough)


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