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Thank you kind sir.

Washington Post Article on how much Oprah sucksSee Im not the only one a bit ticked by Oprah Winfrey these days…I could go on and on. Buy more shoes, Oprah, and stop trying to act like you aren’t just as pretentious as all your snotty friends. At the very least support the American economy so that maybe, JUST MAYBE, if Reaganomics is right, some of that may trickle down to a few hard working Americans. There are masses of people in utter poverty here in America, our fellow Americans, that are struggling to make it and Oprah wants to buy schools in AFRICA?? How philanthropic of you Oprah. Do something nice for a third world contry who will never do anything for us. I would much rather you buy yourself more shoes, Oprah, and at least pour your millions back into the American economy. Give back to the capitalism that has given so much to you. But no, Oprah’s money is off to Africa, never to be seen again by the American economy. Maybe I’m too much of an isolationist, maybe I’m blinded by economics, maybe I care too much, maybe….

All I know is that they better find the cure for cancer at this place or else it’s just another 40 million dollars down the African drain. Hasn’t anyone realized that Africa is a black hole of charitable donations? They will never recover from Bismarck and the taint of Western “civilization.” Until someone finds oil, no one will ever put enough effort into any African country to build and support a reliable government infratructure. Even then, chances are we’ll just rape and pillage it anyways because who will stop us? And perhaps that will be Africa’s legacy…

(Before you jump down my throat, Im not saying this is GOOD. Just the way it is. Sometimes things just are people..and sometimes, believe it or not, Oprah’s just another misguided asshole like the rest of us.)


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