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If one more person calls me Ginger Snap Im suing!

Wow. Guess what I learned today. The Girl Scout Cookie formerly known as Samoa had its name formerly changed EVERYWHERE to Carmel deLight. Why, you ask, would they just up and change to name of a cookie that is a favorite to many???? When I think of Samoas I picture delicious little round of shortbread covered with carmel coconut and cocolate and get all giddy inside…BUT NOT ANYMORE. I am hereby refusing to eat Carmel Delights and thus begin my protest of Girl Scout cookies all together. The Girl Scouts gave in to the man. You know why they don’t call them Somoa’s anymore? Because the Samoan’s got offended.

That’s right. Someone actually took offense to having a COOKIE named after them- a DELICIOUS cookie at that! I’m pretty ticked about this one. As someone whose name is used in conjunction with a cookie all the time I think its absolutely ludicris that 1.) Someone would take offense to this, 2.) Take so much offense as to demand a name change, 3.) The Girl Scouts would ACTUALLY take this complaint seriously. If I had recieved an their angry letter this is the exact letter I would have sent in response:

Dear Samoan peoples,
In response to your demands that we rename our second best selling cookie, the Samoa, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

The Girl Scouts of America

I mean, I can MAYBE see renaming sports teams (not really but I’ll play along this time) but a cookie? I mean how insulting is a cookie. Is your cultural history that shallow that it can’t stand up to a cookie. Do you go out at night and get showered with cookie-related cultural epithets? Get a grip people. Do you even have Girl Scouts in the South Pacific? Do you even have a heart? From this day forward I’m adding the Girl Scouts and Samoans to my list…

Equally as depressing: 81% of college students know what Martin Luther King Jr. “Had a Dream” about….as for the other 19%, they were too busy burning crosses….


2 Responses to “If one more person calls me Ginger Snap Im suing!”

  1. The name of my school is Indiana University of PA, named after the state of Indiana, which was named in honor of the American Indians. One of the best preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the United States can be found in Indiana. Our mascot was ironically enough, the Indians. Because that pissed people off, it has been changed this year to the “Hawks”. While I was spending my last paycheck at the bookstore today, the 70-year-old cashier told me that her and her husband think the change was really unnecessary, and that they have resorted to calling us the “Toma-Hawks”. IUP should have known we would get around the change somehow. Stupid administrators…stupid girl scouts…

  2. I’m pretty sure you missed the REAL irony of this story…Indiana University of Pennsylvannia? So your school mascot celebrates Indians from another state? And moreover, do you think they’d still be pissed if your mascot was the “Native Americans?”

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