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How do you NOT pull for the underdog?

“‘He’s a quality person,’ said Rory Sabbatini, who finished tied with Woods and Retief Goosen for second place. ‘He also travels [the tour] in an RV. We always seem to end up parked next to each other.’

So, there you have it. Tiger has a yacht the length of a football field and, when he rents a house at a major, has his own furniture moved into the place ahead of time so he’ll feel like he’s right at home. Zach looks for a parking place next to Rory.

On days like this, when Woods doesn’t quite win another major championship, we almost appreciate him more. In four days, Johnson seldom played a stroke that was beyond the best swing of Everyman. In contrast, Woods hit contorted improvisational recoveries — including that club-snapper — that even other pros never attempt. A few Zach Johnsons go a long way. But they have their place and give us hope. Talent knows the odds when faced with genius, but always wants a rematch.”


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