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My how things change…

May 22, 2007

Ha I would have reluctantly voted for Gore in 2000…now I’m hoping he’ll run… Please read this wonderful piece by E.J Dionne Jr for the Post…“But the larger change is that the very process Gore describes — of propaganda taken as fact, of slogans taken as arguments, of repetition substituting for logic and, yes, of […]

Re: the gay marriage debate….

May 18, 2007

Dug this up after an intriguing conversation about gay marriage this weekend. I don’t believe in gay marriage and here’s why… from July 31, 2003 off one of my many sites (in its entirety and unedited): “ok I feel like an editorial right now. It’ll be sketchy with little research and perhaps a good deal […]

I havea HUGE problem….

May 17, 2007

…with Gatorade AM. As an avid Gatorade drinker like most athletes I was excited about the new Gatorade AM. I saw the comercial and went right out to get it. Through brilliant marketing and and deceptive labeling I was was HOSED. How could my beloved Gatorade do this to me?! Here’s the problem: I was […]