Mindless Drivel
Read at your own detriment…

I havea HUGE problem….

…with Gatorade AM. As an avid Gatorade drinker like most athletes I was excited about the new Gatorade AM. I saw the comercial and went right out to get it. Through brilliant marketing and and deceptive labeling I was was HOSED. How could my beloved Gatorade do this to me?!

Here’s the problem: I was conviced like most drinks that are marketed as AM beverages that it would have a little kick of caffine. I assumed it would have the normal AM pick-me-up. The glorious boost I crave every morning. This combined with my favorite replenishing beverage…well it ws BRILLIANT! Another great creation by our Florida friends!

This however, was not the case. As I explored the label I came across the revealing paragraph that informed me that this product “helps put back the fluids and energy you lose during a full night’s sleep.” EXCUSE ME??? What fluid and energy do I loose when I lie in a lifeless sleep?? I looked frantically for something about energy or ginseng or at least ginkobiloba…nothing. No caffine. No taurine. No nothing. Just watered down juice like the rest of the Gatorade lines. Much to my dismay, I have concluded that this all was just a ploy to market two new flavors: Orange-Strawberry and Tropical Mango. Apparently these flavors are suppose to “appeal to you in the morning.”

You know what appeals to me in the morning? RED GATORADE. YES RED. I’m not even sure why they claim to have flavors since everyone just refers to them by color. Ugh..this serves as a warning to all, try the new flavors if you must but don’t expect anything special. Gatorade AM is the exact same product as Gatorade Anytime.

Dear Gatorade,
You owe me $2.35. Thanks.


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