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omg grab yer can’s and bottles the world’s gonna end!

This is a conversation I imagine went on somewhere in the greater D.C. metropolitain area at some point today:

Person who’s never recyled anything in their life #1: OMG did you hear that there’s going to be a surprise Live Earth show in D.C.!! Garth Brooks is playing!!!

Person who’s never recyled anything in their life #2: HOLY HEMP!!! Have you seen my hippie dress and birkenstocks!?!?!

Person who’s never recyled anything in their life #1: I knew I shouldn’t have brushed my hair today…

Yes, Live Aid is gracing the District with its prescence as a late add to the annual Folk Life Festival. Against the many wishes of Republican lawmakers, SOMEHOW Al Gore managed to bring Live Earth to D.C. thanks in large part to the support of Native American’s, fancy that…

Despite all the warm fuzzy feelings I get from separating my empty bottles and cans after a long weekend of swilling, I refuse, and always will refuse, to recycle and here’s why: I’M BITTER. I’ll admit it. It’s not because Im lazy or I hate the Earth. I’m just outright bitter…


Umm I’m pretty sure the baby boomers didn’t do anything for me and look at us now…no ozone and a dwindling social security fund. Word on the street is there isn’t even GOING TO BE social security when its time for me to lounge poolside between shuffleboard games in Del Boca Vista. I’m going to have to resort to stealing batteries from CVS and selling them at BINGO games to get by when it comes time for me to retire.

Meanwhile, I have to put up with “global warming” (and yes it’s in quotes…don’t believe everything the media tells you not to believe), El Nino, tsunamis and hurricanes, the polar ice caps are melting, Venice is sinking, the Earth’s plates are shifting, droughts, harsher winters, etc etc. Absolutely ludicrous, BUT if you were to tell me that taking the time to recycle would alleviate just one of these things I might do it…that is if I were a blathering idiot and believed you.


I on the onther hand seem to grasp the fact that it doesn’t matter. Small scale will never matter. Sure Al Gore can stand on his soap box and preach sustainability and recycling until he’s blue in the face but until we better cap overall industrial emissions it will never happen. Until the ENTIRE world switches over to clean industry it will never happen.

Who are we to tell developing countries to reduce their emissions when it was our own Industrial Revolution of the 1800s that kicked off this world of smog that we live in? Sure each of us could do their part by driving feul efficient cars, recycling, rejecting styrofaom, reducing the daily ammount of freon used but that will only prove to be a linear solution to an exponential problem.

If we could go back in time and undo all the damage that we have done to this planet?? HELL NO. I need my iPod dammit. Changing what we do can’t save the Earth from the overwhelming ills of human inhabitation. Innovation is the only way we can effect actual change… or at least slow it down…oh but we much rather kill people and assert our power. No time for that silly nonsense…

But really, why do people keep insisting that *I* “do something?”

What zones produce the most ammount of pollution? Residential?? Is my tiny Scion and air conditioner ruining the globe???? NO. It’s INDUSTRY DAMMIT. Why isnt this clear to everyone?? Stop telling me to recycle and go knock on the doors of big business for once. That’s what wrong with hippies that try to change things. They always want to be grass roots. They want to start a revolution. Door to door change. Well good for you but I’m doing 0.00001% of the damage that ExxonMobil does.

Stop “raising awareness” and putting on silly concerts and actually DO something. Make your money count. Force lawmakers to give big business and incentive to clean up their act. If you were really serious about the planet (and not just in it for the marketing popularity ::coughalgorecough::) you would start paying off bigwigs to do something because let’s admit it, that the way politics works- MONEY. Pay them to stop polluting and they will but until they have a fiduciary incentive to stop, THEY WON’T. I WOULDN’T..and I don’t – for the same reason they wont. There’s nothing in it for me.


While my generation is being bled out by baby boomers, I should be trying to save the world for the next generation?? a.) How self-affected would I have to be to believe that I COULD actually change the world? and b.) Umm if they’re not going to pay for my cruises when Im 70 I’m taking everything with me when I leave, including all this free air…

Someday someone will dig up my blog and marvel at a time when air was free…

Enjoy it while you can…


3 Responses to “omg grab yer can’s and bottles the world’s gonna end!”

  1. While you raise some good points that warrant serious consideration—like getting Big Business to do their part—you miss the fact that individuals can make a difference. If you and 99,999 other people all did their part, that would account for 1% of ExxonMobil’s desecration, using your example.

    Have you written your Congressman and Senator and told them to stand up to Big Business? You can bet ExxonMobil has made their position known. Politicians are like water and electricity—they’ll take the path of least resistance. If they only hear from the corporations, that’s whose ideals they’ll represent.

    So, what’s in it for you? Making a difference in your own small way, for starters, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re better than ExxonMobil.

  2. I guess I came across wrong when you understood me to mean that people can’t make a difference. I definitely think people can, only their difference would pale in comparison to the difference that Big Business could make. My point was only that perhaps that money would be well spent somewhere other than silly concerts if people really wanted to make a difference.

    I have not written any politicians to stand up to Big Business. Why? Because the miniscule cost it would require me to do so in time and resources isn’t worth it- and this is the way it is for most people and as long as that is the case the status quo will go on. Simple cost-benefit analysis. This is the same reason voter turnout continues to be low. Unless the result is immediate or the effect direct there will never be enough impetus to change the status quo.

    Sad but true. Sadly writing a letter to my congressman about the environment is VERY low on my priority list (and I wager it doesn’t even show up on 70% of people’s radar screens).

    And even though I haven’t written a letter or recycled anything on purpose I still know I’m better than ExxonMobil…

    Thank you very much for your comments 🙂 Glad to see my rants aren’t falling on deaf ears…even if they are half brained at best…

  3. http://www.slate.com/id/2170228/nav/tap1/
    An interesting Slate article on “Eco-snobs.”

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