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Read at your own detriment…

I can’t believe it’s not deep fried…

Have you tried any of the Baked! style chips lately?? It’s a chip revolution! I can hardly tell the difference!! It’s such a great healthy alternative to regular chips right?! How do they do it?? So what’s my gripe against Baked! Lays/Doritos/Ruffles you ask???


No where do they claim to be healthier but for some reason, the mass population seems to believe that Baked! equals “this is me almost going on a diet and exercising to loose weight.” Let me assure you, eating Baked Lays is NOTHING OF THE SORT. Please take a second to stop and consider other things that are also baked: cake, brownies, cookies etc. Now are any of those things good for you?? Exactly. Marketing at its best.

Think about what type of additives they have to add to achieve the same consistency? Do you think that they’re not spraying down those delicious Baked! with delicious oil? Ridiculous…

Don’t be another consumer tool. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

And don’t get me started on trans fat….


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